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PR and marketing

Looking at the queues outside our office, you might not think we need raise our profile. But we do need to help people in Brent know how they can use our services, we need to promote local and national Citizens Advice campaigns, we need to recruit more volunteers and we need a high profile to get the funding to maintain our services and extend them to meet the needs we see every day.

As a PR/marketing volunteer you’d help to:

  • produce promotional materials
  • build relationships with our local media and share local stories
  • adapt and edit national Citizens Advice material
  • identify and write up case studies of our clients – and our volunteers
  • write content for our website
  • engage on our Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • arrange events, displays and talks to promote Citizens Advice Brent.

If you’re interested in volunteering at Citizens Advice Brent, email our Training Officer at